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Built by family, Fueled by flower

Our Mission is to make customers feel like family & to Provide cannabis made with the highest quality of craftsmanship to the masses

Core Values

We are Craftspeople

Cannabis is a craft. We treat every step of the process, from the farm to the finished flower, with the utmost precision.

Our Friends Are Our Family

You don't need to be blood to be family. Here at Bud Brothers, we treat our co-workers & customers with this mentality

Stay Hyped

Show up, ready to work every day! We are an ambitious organization that is continuously looking to grow and get better!

We Help Heal

Our work is essential. Go above and beyond to help patients find products that benefit their health.

Hear & Be Heard

Be slow to speak and quick to listen. At B.B., everyone deserves a voice. So we listen, analyze & respond to solve problems.

Our Strains


Our Sativas will leave you in an energized and productive state. Use Bud Brothers' Premium Sativas to get creative, be a social butterfly, or slay creative projects. So grab that guitar, paintbrush, or game controller and start crushing it with our uplifting sativas.


If you are in pain, anxious, or anything else that may be bothering you, subdue it with Bud Brothers' premium line of Indica cannabis. Great for sleep, relaxation, or pain relief, we promise satisfaction. Sit back and grab a snack; it's time to Netflix & chill with some Incidica from the Brothers.


With Bud brothers' line of hybrid cannabis, the consumer gets the best of both worlds. Get your creativity on, be social, relieve pain, and much more. The modern smoker deserves flexibility in their cannabis experience; our Hybrids offer a balance like no other. Experience it yourself.


Roll it or pack it; you can smoke it however you'd like. Our customers receive nothing but the dankest and most potent flower when choosing Bud Brothers Cannabis Co. 


Bud Brothers' premium pre-rolls feature our top-shelf flower, rolled up and ready to rip. Rolled to perfection & finished by hand, we promise a perfect puff. Go head out into nature, hit the slopes, or pass it around the circle; Bud Brothers Pre-Rolls are perfect for your on-the-go puff.


Our Extracts contain cannabinoids and terpenes that are isolated from the most premium bud. You are guaranteed to get a safe, clean, and enjoyable high with Bud Brothers' concentrates.


Smoke in style with our one of a kind custom vape cart. Our Cartridges contain oil processed with the best cannabis available. Great taste & a great high; get it all with Bud Brothers Vape Cartridges.

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