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Learn More About Michigan Medical & recreational Cannabis Provisioning Centers

Bud Brothers Cannabis Co. was established in 2018. The mission of Bud Brothers is to provide the highest quality cannabis products to patients while ensuring they feel like family the moment they step through the doors. 


The atmosphere at Bud Brothers is relaxed yet professional and you can expect to receive one-on-one patient care with your own budtender. There are currently multiple Bud Brothers locations in Michigan with plans to expand in the future. 


Selling everything from flowers to carts, the team is here to support you every step of the way to ensure you are receiving the product that is best for you. We’re here to listen, serve and make a positive difference in your life.  


Contact our team  to learn why we’re leading the industry in medical cannabis patient care and experience. 


We are Craftspeople

Cannabis is a craft. We treat every step of the farm to finished flower process with the utmost precision.


Our Friends Are Our Family

All co-workers and patients are family. We treat everyone with the same respect, mentality, and appreciation.


Stay Hyped

Ambitious, growing and passionate are just a few ways to describe our team. We make sure every day is better than the last. 


We Help Heal

Our work is essential and we constantly go above and beyond to help patients find products that benefit their health.


Hear & Be Heard

Everyone deserves a voice. Our team listens, analyzes and works to solve problems and find the best products for you.

Bud Brothers carry a wide selection of medical cannabis and CBD products. If you are ready to speak with a budtender or place your order, our team is here and ready to support you. 

Find the Bud Brothers nearest you to place your order or stop by today. 

Bud Brothers Core Values 

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