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Our Mission is to make customers feel like family & to Provide cannabis made with the highest quality of craftsmanship to the masses

Michigan & Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Provisioning Center 

Expansive medical cannabis menus, leading patient care and expert budtenders await you at Bud Brothers Cannabis Co. All patients are treated like family and you can expect a one-on-one experience and total dedication to finding the medical cannabis products that are best for you.

Welcome to the family. 

Bud Brothers Core Values 

We are Craftspeople

Cannabis is a craft. We treat every step of the farm to finished flower process with the utmost precision.

Our Friends Are Our Family

All co-workers and patients are family. We treat everyone with the same respect, mentality, and appreciation.

Stay Hyped

Ambitious, growing and passionate are just a few ways to describe our team. We make sure every day is better than the last. 

We Help Heal

Our work is essential and we constantly go above and beyond to help patients find products that benefit their health.

Hear & Be Heard

Everyone deserves a voice. Our team listens, analyzes and works to solve problems and find the best products for you.

Our Strains at Bud Brothers Cannabis Co.

At Bud Brothers Cannabis Co. we feature three cannabis strains: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. All three have a different purpose and can help you in everything from recovery to creativity. Learn which strain is the right match for you. 


Relief, Relax, Sleep.

Subdue everything from pain and anxiety when you choose Indica. Get a great night of sleep, relax and take in the calming experience of choosing an Indica. 


Energize, Create, Uplift.

When you choose Sativa, you can expect an energetic experience resulting in everything from creativity to being a complete social butterfly. Dive into a creative project or grab your guitar, paintbrush or controller with our uplifting Sativa selection. 


Create Your Balance. 

Get the best of both worlds when you choose a Hybrid strain. Get your creativity on, be social, relieve pain and relax. Experience a Hybrid balance like no other. 

Bud Brothers Medical Cannabis Menu


The moment you walk in the door you will receive a gold standard experience, the highest possible quality products, unmatched product discounts and one-on-one servicing. 

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